Access the Screw Terminal Java Applet Calculator

Our Screw Terminal applet can automatically page through our catalog ratings and fill in the rated capacitance, full-can capacitance and typical ESR after you've entered the capacitor type, case size and rated voltage. It even gives you the option to fill in your capacitor's ESR values at your operating temperature and ripple frequencies if you have your own data.

Expected operating lives spring from the proven capability of each type operating at full rated voltage and temperature. The calculator extrapolates that base-life capability to the expected life with your applied voltage, temperature and ripple current.

For details of the impedance theory or the heat transfer theory, models, and experiments that went into developing the applet, see our Engineering Technical Papers section.


Access the Impedance Modeling Java Applet Calculator

We offer Spice models of many of our wet aluminum electrolytic capacitors. We have an online impedance modeling applet that allows the user to select any standard catalog part number among 16 types. The capacitance, ESR, and impedance are then graphed versus frequency at several temperatures. A Spice simulation program listing is available and this model is readily cut and pasted into a Spice simulator.


Access the Snap-In Java Applet Calculator

There's even more design power for you, a companion for our powerful computer-grade life and temperature calculator except now for snap-ins! It not only precisely calculates how long our various types of snap-in capacitors will last in your application and at what operating temperature, but it also finds our equivalent type for any competitor's type you may now be using.


Access the Plug-In Java Applet Calculator

For the ultimate robust package in medium-size aluminum electrolytic capacitors, check out our plug-in ratings. The plug-in applet covers types 4CMC, 400C, 420C, 450C, and 401C. These capacitors have new, aggressive ratings that offer longer life, higher ripple, and more capacitance than small screw-terminal capacitors, and competitive performance and price (not to mention better mechanical integrity) compared to 40, 45, and 50 mm diameter snap-in's.


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