DC Continuous Voltage, Input Filtering, DC Link

CDE is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom DC link and DC filtering applications for commercial and military inverter applications. Work with our engineers to develop a capacitor with the optimal electrical and mechanical properties for reliable service in these critical applications. Chose from a variety of metal or plastic packaging concepts with low inductance, high voltage terminations and ultra-high ripple current capability that meet your specific application requirements.

WAC-Series Capacitors Family

WAC-Series Capacitors

CDE’s WAC-Series DC voltage capacitors offer a superior performance in a high capacitance welded case package. By utilizing water cooling as the heat management system, this product is ideally suited […] View More

ER Series Capacitor feature image

ER-Series Capacitors

ER-Series Capacitors NWL’s ER-Series polypropylene DC link film capacitors offer a distinct alternative to small round cans, both film and electrolytic, with high capacitance density power in an economical standard package. […] View More

EC-Series Capacitors

EC-Series Capacitors NWL’s EC-Series metalized polypropylene DC link film capacitors offer large capacitance values, high Joule energy, and large current ratings in a single welded metal package. This dry resin filled […] View More

R-Series Capacitors Family

R-Series Capacitors

CDE’s R-Series is a unique family of capacitor product that exhibits superior performance with high current and high frequency applications.   By utilizing low inductance internal constructions, optional molded resin cases, […] View More

WA-Series Capacitors Family

WA-Series Capacitors

WA-Series Capacitors NWL’s WA-Series DC voltage capacitors offer superior performance in a high capacitance welded case package. They are ideally suited for the most demanding applications requiring high RMS current […] View More

E-Series Capacitors

E-Series Capacitors

E-Series Capacitors NWL’s E-Series polypropylene DC link film capacitors offer an alternative to small round cans, both film and electrolytic, with high capacitance density in an economical standard dry resin filled […] View More

WF-Series Capacitors Family

WF-Series Capacitors

WF-Series Capacitors NWL’s low loss dielectric system designs, combined with an understanding of managing heat for critical applications, brings to market the WF-Series capacitor products. This air cooled high voltage […] View More

T-Series Capacitors Family

T-Series Capacitors

T-Series Capacitors NWL’s T-Series capacitors are DC filter, DC pulse capacitors that offer a customized package approach with a variety of preferred termination options. By utilizing in-house standard dielectric film […] View More

WL-Series Capacitors Family

WL-Series Capacitors

WL-Series Capacitors NWL’s WL-Series are high energy capacitors used in pulse power and power conditioning applications. With welded metal cases of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, or brass, these robust […] View More

P-Series Capacitors Family

P-Series Capacitors

P-Series Capacitors NWL’s P-Series capacitors have a unique insulating plastic case package. This package can be modified to provide insulated mounting structures with no need for metal brackets in assembly. […] View More