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Cornell Dubilier Acquires the Distributor Division of NACC Mallory Products Group

Liberty, SC (April 5, 2002) -- Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. announced that it has acquired the Distributor Division of North American Capacitor Company's Mallory Products Group from a subsidiary of Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. Jim Kaplan, Cornell Dubilier's President, believes it is an excellent fit with Cornell Dubilier's existing business.

 NACC Mallory Products Distributor Division is a marketing and distributor network, selling:


  • CGS brand, large can, computergrade aluminum electrolytic capacitors
  • LPX series snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors
  • Miniature axial and radial leaded aluminum electrolytic capacitors
  • Motor run capacitors and motor start capacitors
  • Solid tantalum leaded, dipped and chip capacitors, and MIL types
  • Ceramic disk and MLCC, CK and CKR MIL types
  • RF ceramic and porcelain capacitors
  • 5 mm to 27.5 mm pitch box film capacitors
  • Axial and radial leaded polyester and polypropylene capacitors
  • Snubber networks
  • Extensive capacitor mounting hardware
  • Audio and wirewound controls


Kaplan says this is a tremendous opportunity for Cornell Dubilier. Combined with the acquired Mallory product lines, Cornell Dubilier will now have one of the broadest capacitor offerings in North America. The acquired Mallory part numbers will be maintained by Cornell Dubilier, and the customers of those Mallory products will be serviced from a new location in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mallory is recognized as a leader in passive electronic components stemming from its beginning in 1917. Tom Green, former VP of Sales for NACC, will be the new General Manager of the new Cornell Dubilier division selling these Mallory products for Cornell Dubilier. With this acquisition, Cornell Dubilier now addresses all capacitor segments

of the marketplace. It will also enable the company to further expand this product line by utilizing its combined sales' network.

Cornell Dubilier is a major capacitor manufacturer with three plant locations. The manufacturing facility in Liberty, SC, is accredited for ISO 9001. The Mexicali, Mexico, and New Bedford, MA, facilities are accredited for ISO 9002. Products include aluminum electrolytic capacitors, mica capacitors, film capacitors, SMT capacitors, motor run capacitors, motor start capacitors, pulse capacitors, high voltage capacitors and contract manufacturing services. Sales are worldwide through a network of more than 40 sales representative firms.

 Cornell Dubilier is best known for its high-voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitors used as bus capacitors in power supplies, welders, motor drives, UPS systems and inverter applications. It is a leader in large-can screw-terminal computergrade capacitors. Cornell Dubilier has diversified into many capacitor types, and fastest growth is with new surface-mount technology (SMT) types. Types include aluminum-electrolytic , solid-polymer aluminum chips, mica chips, PPS film chips, PEN film chips and acrylic resin film chips.

 With this acquisition, Cornell Dubilier strengthens its position as a single source for the capacitor and component needs of its expanded customer base.