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Product Change Notice - DC Film Capacitors

Date: August 4, 2005

Attention: Valued Customers

Subject: Product Change Notice - DC Film Capacitors

Details: Undergoing inventory transition to RoHS compliant film part numbers.

Effective as of July 12, 2005 twenty-five different DC film series non-compliant inventories are subject to prior sale and will no longer be manufactured. Upon depletion of individual part number inventory, we will offer our RoHS compliant replacement. These parts will be identified and ordered with a "-F" at the end of the part number. Film series subject to this change are listed on attachment.

Actual part number stock status, compliant or non-compliant can be checked at myCDE.

If you need assistance please contact your assigned inside sales specialist at (508) 996-8561.

Ken Thompson
DC Film Marketing Manager

WMFAxial round, Film/FoilWMCAxial round, Film/Foil
MMAAxial oval, MetallizedMMPAxial oval, Metallized
MMWAAxial round, MetallizedDLRRadial oval, Film/Foil
DMTRadial oval, Film/FoilDMERadial oval, Metallized
DMMRadial oval, MetallizedDMMARadial oval, Metallized
WPPAxial round, Film/Foil930Axial round, Metallized
932CAxial round, Metallized935Axial round, Metallized
936CAxial oval, Metallized940CAxial round, Metallized
941CAxial oval, Metallized942CAxial round, Film/Foil Hybrid
943CAxial oval, Film/Foil Hybrid946CAxial round, Metallized
950Axial round, MetallizedDPPRadial oval, Film/Foil
DPFFRadial round, Film/FoilDPPMRadial oval, Film/Foil
DPMRadial oval, Metallized  

NOTE: For above DC Film series upon depletion of current inventories, we will replace with RoHS compliance part numbers. -F will be added to end of part number to signify RoHS compliance.

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