Product Discontinuation Notice - Type TH19

Date: May 7, 2007

Attention: Valued Customers

Subject: TH19

Detail: The volume has diminished to the level that it is no longer economical to refurnish the tooling for this part. There will be no last time buy.

We appreciate your business and we want to assist you in anyway we can to minimize this regretted inconvenience.

Jim Navarro
Product Manager
Phone: (864) 843-2277, ext. 447
Fax: (864) 843-3800

Since its founding in 1909, Cornell Dubilier has been dedicated to advancing capacitor technology for new applications. The company combines innovative products with engineering expertise to provide reliable solutions for inverters, wind and solar power, electric vehicles, power supplies, motor drives, HVAC, motors, welding, aerospace, telecom and UPS systems.

A global company, Cornell Dubilier has ISO-9001 certified manufacturing and distribution facilities in Liberty, SC; New Bedford, MA; Mexicali, Mexico; and Shenzhen, China.