Product Discontinuation Notice - TC Series (A) Suffix

Date: May 21, 2010

This letter is to confirm to your company that Cornell Dubilier Electronics is discontinuing the TC series with the (A) suffix. Possible substitutions will be the TC series without the (A) suffix but note those case sizes will be larger. In accordance with Cornell Dubilier's product discontinuation policy, we are hereby giving notice of these product changes in order for your company to adjust its product purchasing records, or to make any final purchases of the discontinued products that are still in supply.

This notice applies to all Cornell Dubilier's customers and distributors.

Due to the decision made to discontinue this product, Cornell Dubilier will accept product for return for a period not to exceed three (3) months after this written notice, subject to the conditions stated under inventory adjustments. Any product not returned within the above stated period will not be accepted for return by Cornell Dubilier.

Last Time Buy Conditions

We request that you carefully review this information and notify your purchasing offices and buyers to place your company's final purchases for available discontinued products as soon as possible according to the following last time buy terms and conditions.

Commencing with the date in this letter, your company has until July 31, 2010 during which time you may place orders for this product. Final orders will be shipped within standard lead-time. We would like to caution you not to wait until the last moment for placing your final order(s) as product may be limited in availability. Orders for these products will be non-cancelable and non-returnable.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Jim Navarro
Product Manager
Phone: (864) 843-2277, ext. 447