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AC Resonant and Harmonic Filter

CDE is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom AC Voltage, Resonant Tank, and Harmonic Filtering Capacitors for industrial and military applications. Work with our engineers to develop a capacitor with the optimal electrical and mechanical properties for reliable service in these critical applications. Chose from a variety of metal or plastic packaging concepts with low inductance, high voltage terminations, and ultra-high rms current capability, with or without water cooling.

Highlighted Capabilities

KVAR up to 15,000
Vrms up to 8,500
Irms up to 5,000
Frequency up to 500 KHz
Available in drawn or custom welded metal cases
Water-cooled construction available
Wide variety of terminations available


Design Form: AC Voltage, Resonant Tank and Harmonic Filtering Capacitor
Technical Papers
Form Factors and Specifications

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