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Whether you’re looking for the ultimate in reliability or custom capacitor solutions, you’ll find we are easy to work with because we work together with your team to help energize your ideas. With a fine attention to detail, our goal is to help you find the best solution for the job.





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Delivering the Right Solutions

You can count on us to provide the optimal capacitor solution and insight for your engineering design. You will also find we specialize in critical applications. From fighter jets to radar systems, welders to wind turbines, we deliver the highest quality capacitors with easy access to our knowledgeable and helpful tech support team. Click here to see many of the innovative products we have developed.

Collaboration is Key

Whether you need to order a specific type of capacitor or your project requires a custom solution, our team will work with your team to ensure you have an optimized solution. This includes working closely with your design engineers to meet stringent industry and military standards.

Legendary Reliability

It’s no coincidence our capacitors have a reputation for uncompromising reliability. Every capacitor line undergoes rigorous testing and we take everything into consideration including application conditions, capacitor wear out rates, reliability models and much more.


Maintaining large inventories of finished capacitors (tens of millions of pieces) and raw materials to give our customers prompt delivery.

Unparalleled Selection

As the largest power capacitor company in North America, we offer one of the world’s broadest selection of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, mica capacitors, AC film capacitors, and DC film capacitors. We’re also the only U.S. manufacturer of high-quality mica capacitors.

Extensive Quality & Assurance

Before the CDE name goes on a capacitor it is fully tested for compliance with all key electrical characteristics. Depending on the type of capacitor, further thermal, electrical, and mechanical testing (pulse, shock and vibration, humidity) may be conducted.


Pioneers in Innovation

Driven by American ingenuity, we are advancing capacitor technology for new applications and fueling recent innovations. The expansion of our line of Flatpack aluminum electrolytic capacitors now includes a high-vibration package designed to handle up to 80g’s.

Personal Customer Service

We take pride in providing a more personal level of sales, product, and technical support. If you need prototypes or technical data right away, we will respond quickly. We have assembled a global team of capacitor specialists, distribution partners, and sales support staff to provide prompt, courteous service.

Vision Statement

We will be the most highly regarded provider of power capacitors in the world.

Mission Statement

We will provide our customers with optimized capacitor solutions by offering easy access to our knowledgeable and helpful support teams from design through delivery. We will produce outstanding results by providing the most responsive and trusted value-added, capacitor-based solutions to all our customers. We will establish a lean, continuous improvement, and eco-friendly culture that will drive profitable growth and create career opportunities for our employees.