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External Defibrillator Capacitors

Reliability and high-level performance position Cornell Dubilier as the industry leader in film capacitors for external defibrillator applications. CDE’s defibrillator capacitors are designed with extensive process validation and manufactured under a rigorous quality management system to provide high reliability, long life, and complete traceability. Their small size makes them ideally suited for use in hospitals, emergency rooms, first responder,s and public access defibrillators. If your product or application requires a specialized capacitor, our expert Custom Applications Group engineers are ready to assist you.

Highlighted Capabilities

Voltage (DC): up to 6,000 VDC
Stored Energy: Up to 500 J
Capacitance: up to 500 µF
Energy Density: Up to 2.0 J/cc
Peak Current: Up to 300 A
Life (C/D Cycles): Up to 40,000
Designs optimized for monophasic or biphasic defibrillators
Metal cases or isolated plastic cases available
Wide variety of terminations available


Custom Pulse Capacitor Design Form

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