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Cornell Dubilier Facilities


    Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc.
    140 Technology Place
    Liberty, SC 29657
    Phone: (864) 843-2626 | Fax: (864) 843-2402

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    A 3,900 square foot (358 square meters) red-brick addition to the right-front corner of the Liberty plant, the corporate headquarters houses the corporate and financial offices for Cornell Dubilier Electronics.


    Asia Sales Office - Illinois Capacitor (HK) Limited
    Flat B, 15/F
    52 Hung To Road
    Kwun Tong, Kowloon,
    Hong Kong
    Tel: + 852 2793 0931 | Fax: + 852 2793 0731
    Email: Customer Service

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    Cornell Dubilier acquired Illinois Capacitor in January, 2015 and this is now the location of our Asia Sales Office.


    Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc.
    1661 East Rodney French Blvd.
    New Bedford, MA 02744-2294
    Phone: (508) 996-8564 | Fax: (508) 996-3830
    Email: All Product Customer Service

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    The New Bedford, MA facility overlooks the Acushnet River where it enters Buzzard's Bay and is a one-hour drive from Cape Cod. It occupies 70,000 square feet (6,500 square meters) of a 450,000 square foot (41,800 square meters) 1910 textile mill. Cornell Dubilier first converted the building to capacitor manufacturing in 1940, and during the early part of that decade employed over 4,000 personnel in support of the war effort. No longer a manufacturing facility, its primary function is customer support in the form of product and services.

    Established in 1993 as the distribution center for Cornell Dubilier, the New Bedford facility stocks tens of thousands of part numbers for surface mount capacitors (mica, film, polymer and aluminum electrolytic), leaded capacitors (mica, film, tantalum, ceramic among others) as well as AC motor run, motor start and screw terminal electrolytic capacitors. New Bedford is certified to ISO-9001:2000 with customer support in the form of inside sales, marketing, design and application engineering. The facility also houses one of the premier life test labs in the U.S. for AC and DC capacitors.


    Cornell Dubilier Marketing, Inc.
    140 Technology Place
    Liberty, SC 29657
    Phone: (864) 843-2277 | Fax: (864) 843-3800
    Email: All Product Customer Service

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    The Liberty, SC facility is adjacent to the Pickens County Airport in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It occupies 153,100 square feet (14,200 square meters) including the 3,900 square foot (360 square meters) corporate headquarters addition and 30,000 square foot (2,790 square meters) warehouse. Principal products are aluminum electrolytic, power film, and specialty high voltage capacitors. Aluminums include large can, screw terminal, snap-ins and radial and axial leaded types. Specialty capacitors include rectangular hermetically sealed types and high-voltage types to beyond 50,000 volts. The Liberty facility is certified to ISO-14001 & AS9100 and manufactures military grade capacitor types. Backed by a military approved test facility providing shock, vibration, thermal cycling, humidity, corrosion resistance, thermal analysis, impedance testing and more.

    This is the principal manufacturing site for Cornell Dubilier. With account management, sales, engineering and manufacturing colocated and dedicated to responsive service, prototype capacitors can be shipped within two weeks of order placement and sample capacitors, same day.

    Cornell Dubilier's corporate office is also housed next to the Liberty, SC facility.


    C.D. Electronica de Mexico, S.A. de C.V
    Blvd. Benito Juarez s/n Colonia Sanchez Taboada
    Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico 21360
    Phone: 011- 52 (686) 561-7031
    Fax: 011-52 (686) 561-8691 & 561-6532
    Email: Customer Service for Contract Manufacturing Only

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    C. D. Electronica de Mexico, S. A. de C. V. was established in 1984. With a facility of 102,000 square feet (9,500 square meters), its principal products are dipped mica capacitors, power film capacitors, capacitor snubber modules, oil filled AC, high voltage capacitors and solenoids for custom applications like irrigation valves. The plant is ISO-9001 certified and located five miles from Calexico, CA and 127 miles from San Diego. It maintains a stocking warehouse in Calexico to support local customers with quick delivery. Product management for solenoids and contract manufacturing is in Mexicali; for other products, support is offered through our New Bedford location. Its engineering support and solenoid manufacturing capability provide savings for solenoid users in the U.S.


    CD Aero, LLC
    167 John Vertente Blvd.
    New Bedford, MA 02745
    Phone:(508) 910-3664 | Fax: (508) 995-3000
    Email: All Product Customer Service

  • Illinois Capacitor, Inc.
    2400 East Devon Avenue
    Suite 292 Des Plaines, IL 60018
    Phone: (847) 675-1760 | Fax: (847) 673-2850

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    Cornell Dubilier acquired Illinois Capacitor in January, 2015 and this is now the location of our Illinois office.


    CD Snow Hill, LLC.
    204 Carolina Drive
    Snow Hill, NC 28580
    Phone: (252) 747-5943