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High Energy, Pulse Discharge

CDE is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom high-energy discharge capacitors used in a wide range of medical, military, research, and commercial pulsed energy applications. Work with our engineers to develop a capacitor with the optimal electrical and mechanical characteristics for reliable service in these critical applications. Chose from a variety of metal or plastic packaging concepts, low inductance, and high voltage terminations that meet your specific application requirements.

Highlighted Capabilities

Capacitance: 5 nF to 50,000 µF
Capacitance Tolerance: Custom
Voltage Range: Up to 150 kV
Peak Current Level: up to 250 kA
Inductance: <10 nH (Custom Designs)
Energy Density: 2.75 J/cc
Pulse Life (Nominal): Up to 1 x 1010 Cycles
Rep Rate: .01 to 1000 Hz


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