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Type 944L Low Inductance DC Link for Fast Switching Applications

Applications in green energy inverter systems and level 3 EV chargers are placing greater demands on power conversion circuits that deliver more power with a smaller footprint. The 944L Series was designed to support the needs of higher-frequency switching inverters and converters.

Unique low-inductance internal construction methods combined with low-loss metallized polypropylene film dielectric provide high ripple current capability and lower ESL. Stud or insert terminal options offer design flexibility in a rugged UL94V-0-rated flame-retardant plastic case and solid resin fill.

• Designed for higher switching frequencies
• Up to 60% lower ESL (Equivalent Series Inductance)
• High ripple current
• M8 threaded stud and M5 insert termination options
• Integrated mounting flanges

944l small group

Applications Include:

DC Link for fast switching Inverters and converters: DC fast charging, solar inverters, motor drives, induction heating, and lasers

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