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Standard Supercapacitor Modules

The DSM Series responds to the need for supercapacitor storage capabilities at higher voltages than what single components can provide. The new modules are offered in packs with 3, 6, or 10 cells in series, for 9V, 18V, and 30V outputs. Capacitance values from 0.15 to 36.6 farads. These options provide designers with tested, ready-to-use solutions.

DSM standard modules simplify the application of supercapacitors for large energy storage, providing designers with an easy and safe alternative to lithium-ion batteries. They can be rapidly implemented in power systems for energy harvesting, storage, and backup applications.

Each module features integrated-cell balancing, insulated construction, and cable/connector assemblies to facilitate immediate use. The DSM series reduces design time by eliminating the need for engineering resources to create an energy storage solution. A Molex Mini-Lock connector is utilized, making connectivity to the PCB a snap.

The wide operating temperature and voltage ratings expand the range of applications. DSM modules are a great fit for MRI systems, GPS, industrial backup, AGVs (automated guided vehicles), and more. Custom supercapacitor modules are also available upon request to address different form factors, mounting options, cell balancing, protection, connectivity, and more.

  • Standard, stocked modules, great for prototyping.
  • Wide operating temperatures compared to Li-batteries
  • Voltages up to 30 Vdc, capacitance from 0.15 to 36.6 Farads
  • Safe, green alternative to Li-ion batteries
  • Each module has voltage balancing
  • REACH and RoHS compliant
  • UL 810A recognized cells
  • Custom design available
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Applications Include:

AGV/Robotics, GPS, UPS Backup, HVAC, Pulse Power, Electric Gates and Doors, Valve Actuator Controls, Ventilation Controls, Prototype Testing.

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New Products

  • 3 CELL DSF & DGH
    Released Mar, 2024

    3 CELL DSF & DGH

    Three-cell devices offer greater energy potential and power output than single or dual-cell parts in standard PCB layouts

    3-cell DSF & DGH capacitors provide very fast power discharge that cannot be matched by conventional capacitors or batteries. That large capacity makes it possible to support brief power interruptions, supplement batteries, or even be used in place of batteries in many applications.

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  • TYPE MXT, X2, EMI/RFI Suppression Capacitors, Harsh Environment
    Released Nov, 2023

    TYPE MXT, X2, EMI/RFI Suppression Capacitors, Harsh Environment

    Type MXT Series Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor, designed to suppress conducted electromagnetic/radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) at a circuit’s power input. These capacitors are perfect for use in harsh environments having met the demanding 85/85 THB (Temperature, Humidity, Bias) test requirements. Class X2 capacitors, like the MXT, are typically connected across the AC input to prevent interference from spreading through power lines or other devices on the same circuit.

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  • Y2 Class Interference Suppression Capacitors  Meet 2,000-Hour 85/85 THB Tests, AEC-Q200
    Released Sep, 2023

    Y2 Class Interference Suppression Capacitors Meet 2,000-Hour 85/85 THB Tests, AEC-Q200

    Type MYH series of Y2, EMI/RFI suppression capacitors are designed for harsh environments. The MYH series is AEC-Q200 qualified, meets a 2,000-hour THB (Temperature, Humidity, Bias) life test, and has applications in motors, AMR (Automated Meter Readers), UPS, power supplies, charging systems, and appliances. These Y2, line-to-ground capacitors filter out electromagnetic noise and have multiple international safety agency approvals.

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