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MLP Capacitors, 85°C Flatpack

12.5mm Pitch, High Energy Density and Near Hermetic Seal

Type MLP flatpack capacitors rated to 85 °C, encased in a grade 1100 aluminum case are versatile components for military and aerospace applications. Their high capacitance density in a 12.5 mm pitch permits use in most rack mounting applications. The box shape encourages efficient stacking into module assemblies. Their broad, flat sides make heatsinking simple and effective. The unit’s nearly hermetic seal and high-purity materials assure extremely long life. The MLP has over twice the energy density of a 1⅜-diameter, 105 °C screw-terminal capacitor. It has about four times the energy density of a bank of ½” diameter 105 °C capacitors. Compared to the space lost with the round-can shape of ordinary capacitors, the flatpack package amplifies the space savings by 27%. The high-energy storage and convenient low-profile box shape of these flatpack capacitors make them right for low-profile board applications and for stacked assemblies. Power holdup is the most popular application for equipment as diverse as shipboard antennae and power holdup in the radio system for jet fighters.


  • Low-profile replacement for snap-ins
  • Double the ripple capability with a heatsink
  • Nearly hermetic welded seal assures 50-year lifer
  • Withstands more than 80,000 feet altitude
  • –55 °C to +85 °C ≤250 Vdc; -40 ºC to +85 ºC ≥300 Vdc

Applications Include:

Wet-tantalum replacement, military power supplies, power-holdup for F16 and a ground-to-satellite phone

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