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4CMC/400C/420C/450C/401C: Plug-In Types Offer New Capabilities

Completely re-designed with the industry's best anode foil and extended cathode construction

Plug-In Types Offer New Capabilities

New Bedford, MA (October 2006) — For the ultimate robust package in medium-size aluminum electrolytic capacitors, check out our new plug-in ratings. These capacitors have been completely re-designed with the industry's best anode foil and extended cathode construction for superior thermal resistance. Offering up to 50% more capacitance than a comparable screw-terminal capacitor, these caps boast low ESR, high ripple, and long life. Mechanically robust, ultra-pure headers have three heavy -gauge pins (positive, negative, and dummy) to prevent incorrect polarity insertion and to provide mechanical stability during vibration.

If you are already familiar with our screw-terminal capacitor family, you will feel right at home with the part-numbering system for our plug-in capacitors. Just replace the first letter of a screw-terminal type with a "4" and Presto! that's the corresponding plug-in type. Therefore, the 4CMC is the base plug-in which corresponds to the DCMC, and higher performance is achieved with the 400C (relative to the 500C), the 420C is even heavier-duty, and the 450C is the ultimate medium-size high-performance lytic on the market. The 401C also has high performance, but is limited to 50 VDC due to its special -55°C rated electrolyte.

The plug-in capacitor applet is our newest applet! It features the performance of our rugged 3-pin plug-in capacitor series 4CMC, 400C, 420C, 450C, and 401C. These are available in 1.375", 1.75" and 2.0" diameters from 1.625" length to 5.625" length. These new types with "C" suffix are extended cathode versions of our venerable plug-in capacitor series, know for having several advantages over conventional snapmount and screw-terminal capacitors. First, the extended cathode construction maintains a low core-to-case thermal resistance.

Second, the three 16-gauge leads (0.062" or 1.57 mm diameter) are on an isosceles layout to prevent reverse installation and establish superior mechanical stability compared to snapmount capacitors. Standoffs are built into the rugged, rigid nylon top. This top has nylon ribs that provide excellent flexural rigidity and grip into the winding for superior vibration performance compared to snapmount capacitors. (If extreme vibration requirements exist, inquire about or HVPCM series. The HV prefix offers a special high-compression construction for superior vibration performance at a modest cost.)

Capacitance densities and ripple ratings are higher than screw-terminal capacitor and comparable to snapmount capacitors. Customized, rugged plug-in capacitors are available at prices competitive with 40 and 50 mm standard snapmount capacitors.

The new Plug-in applet covers types 4CMC, 400C, 420C, 450C, and 401C. These capacitors have new, aggressive ratings that offer longer life, higher ripple, and more capacitance than small screw-terminal capacitors, and competitive performance and price (not to mention better mechanical integrity) compared to 40, 45, and 50 mm diameter snap-in's.