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UNL: High-Current Power Film Capacitor Replaces Electrolytics

The new series uses metallized polypropylene dielectric in snap-in style case.

New Bedford, MA (February 2007) — Cornell Dubilier is pleased to announce the availability of a new series of power film capacitors which can be used to replace aluminum electrolytics for higher current, voltage and reliability. The new series, Type UNL, uses metallized polypropylene dielectric in snap-in style case. This new series provides stable high capacitance, high voltages to 1500 V, continuous currents beyond 20 amps and extremely low ESRs from 6 mΩ.

While having lower capacitance than similar size aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the UNL series has the advantages of being self healing and nonpolar, and it has 3 or more times the ripple current capability, more than 2 times the life with no dry-out and one tenth the ESR.

In a 35 by 50 mm black plastic snap-in style case the capacitance ranges from 4.7 µF to 35 µF; voltage from 400 Vdc to 1500 Vdc and the operating temperature is -55°C to 85°C. Different capacitance values and voltage ratings are available on request. Typical pricing ranges from $6.00 in quantity. Lead-time is stock to 10 weeks from authorized CDE distributors, and samples are available from stock to six weeks.