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947C: ​Extended High Current Power Film Series

High Current Medium Power Film Capacitor for DC Filtering to 1200 Vdc

With Higher Voltage, Cap Ratings for Inverter Applications

Liberty, SC (February 2010) — For power electronics design engineers looking for bulk energy storage and ripple current filtering for DC link applications, Cornell Dubilier recently expanded its high current power film capacitor series to include more than 120 different ratings with extended voltages up to 1300 Vdc and capacitance values up to 1500 µF. Designated the Type 947C, the metallized polypropylene film capacitors deliver higher bus capacitance with the enhanced ripple current handling capabilities required for inverters in wind, solar and fuel cell applications connected to the power grid.

"The extended voltage ratings and case sizes provide design engineers with more options for power film capacitors in inverter applications where higher ripple current ratings are required," said Laird Macomber, technology manager at Cornell Dubilier. "These higher voltage and current ratings eliminate the need for multiple aluminum electrolytics across the bus and greatly improve reliability and lower cost."

The Type 947C capacitors employ advanced, metallized polypropylene film technology to provide ripple current ratings to 100 A (@55°C), with operating voltage of up to 1300 Vdc. Standard capacitance values range up to 1500 µF @800 V; 1200 µF @900 V; 970 µF @1000 V; 800 µF @1100 V; 600 µF @1200 V; and 560 µF @1300 V, with tolerances to ±10% and operating temperature range from �40°C to +85°C. Special ratings are also available.

The aluminum cylindrical case is electrically isolated from the capacitor, and is available in 85, 90 and 116 mm diameters with lengths of 85, 97, 120, 145 and 170 mm, with the option of M5 or M6 threaded insert terminals, or M8 threaded stud-top terminals. Standard parts are supplied with an M12 bottom-mounting stud.

OEM pricing for the Type 947C Series capacitors starts at $35 each in OEM quantities, with lead times of approximately 10�12 weeks for production volumes.