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EDLR: CDE Announces Long-Life Ultracapacitors

The EDLR series provides longer battery life.

The EDLR Series Provides Longer Battery Life

March, 2013 - Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. (CDE) announces the release of type EDLR long-life electric double layer capacitors. The EDLR series provides more than double the life and up to 10 times the discharge current of ultracapacitors presently offered by the company. Applications are mainly for battery backup and for extending battery life.

Type EDLR ultracapacitors are available in vertical and horizontal coin style packages that mount to printed circuit boards. Capacitance ranges from 0.1 Farads at 5.5 Vdc and 1.0 Farads at 3.6 Vdc with discharge current ratings of up to 20 mA. Minimum life at full rated voltage and 85 degree C is 2000 hrs. Full specifications can be viewed at