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SPCX/SPSX: The Best Performing Filter Capacitors for Board Level Power Conversion Apps

Cornell Dubilier announces the expansion of its Low ESR Aluminum Polymer Capacitor lines.

May, 2013 - Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. (CDE) announces its product line expansion of types SPCX and SPSX surface mount aluminum polymer capacitors. Both series are now available with lower ESR and higher capacitance values making them among the best performing filter capacitors for board level power conversion applications.

Both types are supplied in a surface mount molded package with the same footprint as a D size tantalum capacitor in a very thin profile of 1.9 mm with voltage values ranging from 2.0 to 6.3 Vdc. Type SPCX is the most economical, general purpose series with capacitance values ranging from 100 µF to 470 µF and ripple current capability up to 3.0 A at 105 °C. Ultra low ESR type SPSX has ESR values as low as 4.5 milliohms, allowing them to handle up 4.0 A of ripple current at 105 °C. Capacitance values range from 82 µF to 560 µF. Full specifications can be viewed at