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CS: Polymer Capacitors - An Excellent Alternative to Ceramics

Cornell Dubilier announces 125 °C, ROHS Compliant Multilayered polymer Capacitors.

Liberty, SC (June 2013) - Cornell Dubilier announces availability of its Type CS multilayered polymer capacitors for 125 °C applications with 6/6 ROHS compliance. Terminated with multiple pin connections, Type CS capacitors have low equivalent series resistance making them an excellent choice for switching power supplies, DC to DC converters and other high ripple current applications.

"They are excellent alternatives to ceramics," says Mike Rapoza, Product Manager at CDE. "Large ceramic capacitors are prone to cracking and have other performance drawbacks. Type CS caps are made using stacked polyester which offers many advantages over ceramic capacitors including, but not limited to, capacitance and dissipation factor stability with temperature, self-healing, no piezoelectric effect and they're more resistant to thermal shock."

Available in capacitance values ranging from 2.0 µF to 10.0 µF, voltage ratings of 50, 100, 250, 400 and 500 Vdc, and current ratings up to 18A rms, Type CS capacitors cover a broad range of applications in power electronics where high capacitance and high current are needed for DC filtering.

Type CS capacitors have multiple pin leads, up to 18 on the larger sizes, and UL94V-O rated epoxy exterior with the ability to pass 85 °C/ 85% RH requirements for demanding applications in military vehicles and aerospace.

Cornell Dubilier stocks Type CS capacitors at their key franchised distributor sites for quick turnaround on prototype and preproduction quantities.