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Cornell Dubilier Acquires Capacitor Division from NWL

Liberty, SC (December 21, 2020) – Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. announced today that its subsidiary, CD Snow Hill, LLC, has acquired the capacitor producing assets of NWL, Inc. Now possessing greater capabilities in custom high-voltage film capacitors for pulsed power and power conversion applications, the company is poised to expand its solutions for industrial, military, and medical customers.

“NWL has long been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high voltage AC and DC film capacitors for applications where we see opportunities for growth.”, says Jim Kaplan, CEO of Cornell Dubilier. “This acquisition greatly expands our capabilities in custom capacitors needed for high-power lasers, military propulsion systems, inverters and more.”, continued Kaplan.

According to Robert Seitz, President of NWL, the sale of their capacitor operations will allow NWL to focus on its other core business segments: transformers, electrostatic precipitators, and power supplies. Cornell Dubilier plans to assume operations at NWL’s former plant in Snow Hill, NC. Employees of the Snow Hill operation, many of them highly experienced, will be employed by Cornell Dubilier, ensuring the same high-level of service enjoyed by NWL’s customers over many decades.

With the addition of custom, high-voltage DC and AC film capacitors, CDE now offers one of the most extensive portfolios of power capacitors available to the global marketplace. The added capabilities complement the company’s core strength in power capacitors across multiple dielectric technologies including aluminum electrolytic, film, mica, and supercapacitors.

Cornell Dubilier (Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc., Cornell Dubilier Marketing, Inc., and affiliates) is dedicated to advancing capacitor technology for new applications. Cornell Dubilier combines innovative products with engineering expertise to provide reliable component solutions for inverters, wind and solar power, electric vehicles, power supplies, motor drives, HVAC, motors, welding, aerospace, telecom, medical equipment, and UPS systems. A global group of companies, Cornell Dubilier has ISO-9001 certified manufacturing and distribution facilities in Liberty, SC; New Bedford, MA; Mexicali, Mexico; and Hong Kong.