WF-Series Capacitors

WF-Series Capacitors Family
  • WF-Series Capacitors

    CDE’s low loss dielectric system designs, combined with an understanding of managing heat for critical applications, brings to market the WF-Series capacitor products. This air cooled high voltage product accommodates both high voltage DC insulation, and high voltage AC RMS sine wave circuits. In power factor correction applications where the AC harmonic component exceeds the conventional rating, NWL’s WF-Series capacitors are made to handle excessive RMS current harmonics provides resolve.

    CDE’s WF-Series air cooled capacitors provide solutions in a few specific applications including:

    • Harmonic AC filtering
    • High voltage DC filtering
    • High voltage energy storage

    Utilizing aluminum, stainless steel, and painted steel metal welded cans, the following features and options are also available upon request:

    • Pressure switches
    • Internal discharge resistors
    • Live or dead case construction
    • Single to multiple fine-tuning values per capacitor
    • Choice of bracket style and location
    • Choice of terminal connections


    WF-Series capacitors have these features and the following technical specifications:

    • Air cooled
    • High voltage KVBil bushings
    • High harmonic RMS current capable
  • WF-Series Capacitors Product Information and Specifications

    Contact NWL for products information and specifications on WF-Series capacitors.