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It All Started with the Mica Capacitor

Cornell Dubilier’s roots can be traced back to 1909 when founder William Dubilier first used a glassy mineral called mica to help form a “condenser” (now called a “capacitor”). While the mica capacitor saw limited success for its intended application, it went on to revolutionize radio broadcast communications allowing for better transmission over longer distances.


Growth and Prosperity

Soon after inventing the mica capacitor, Dubilier started manufacturing capacitors and contributed to World War I by developing a system to detect submarines. The Dubilier Company was the earliest commercial manufacturer of capacitors, and in 1933, merged with Cornell Radio to form Cornell Dubilier (CDE).

Fueled by the rise of radio and television broadcasting, the company experienced phenomenal growth, and by 1966, possessed more than 350 patents in radio and electrical sciences. Over time, the company grew even more to become one of the largest capacitor makers in the world.

A Global Leader

Cornell Dubilier has earned a global reputation for manufacturing quality, high-end capacitors. Almost all of the company’s capacitors are used in demanding industrial applications, separating themselves from the competition.


No Substitute For Experience

Even with the emergence of Asian sources, nobody can compete with Cornell Dubilier’s service and engineering. While Asian manufacturers can simply build the capacitor, CDE engineers have the technical knowledge to build a better capacitor based on R&D, budgets, and a broad customer base. After all, the more applications engineers have seen, the better they are at building capacitors.

A Look Toward The Future

With manufacturing facilities in North America, product support in the U.S., Mexico, and China, and a distribution center in Massachusetts, CDE is well positioned to help its customers energize ideas. They pride themselves in giving their customers an exciting solution that makes their product more reliable, longer lasting, and better suited for the application.