As the inventor of the mica capacitor, we are the world’s foremost authority and largest manufacturer of mica dielectric capacitors. Our RF mica capacitors feature superior high Q performance without the undesirable properties associated with ceramic and porcelain capacitors. Rugged flexibility and compatibility with FR4 boards make Type MC and MCN capacitors ideal for use where other multilayer caps aren’t recommended because of cracking.  Nonmagnetic Type MCN chips are available for MRI and other high frequency applications that often use more expensive porcelain ceramic chips.


  •   Extremely high Q at UHF/VHF frequencies 
  •   Free from thermal cracking, FR4 compatible 
  •   Wave solderable
  •   Nonmagnetic option 
  •   Available up to 4,000 Vdc 
  •   Exceed 2 mm bend test 
  •   High RF current — dV/dt 20,000 V/µs 
  •   Rock stable: No change with time, V & f 

Watch the video below to find out what the advantages are to using Mica Chip Capacitors

Mica Com

Applications Include:

MRI Coils and Generators, RF Instruments, Power Amplifiers, Tuned LCR Circuits, CATV, Ground and Flight Mobile Radio, Lasers, Software - Defined Frequency-Hopping Radio, Military, Aerospace, Medical Applications, Antenna Tuning, Transmitters

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