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ER-Series polypropylene DC-link film

CDE’s ER-Series polypropylene DC-link film capacitors offer a distinct alternative to small round cans, both film and electrolytic, with high capacitance density power in an economical standard package. The rectangular aluminum package with various mounting bracket options enables the capacitor to be operated in a variety of orientations. Component inventory, integration, and installation are streamlined as a result. ER-Series capacitors are well suited for many inverter applications including:

  • DC input / output filtering
  • DC link
  • AC harmonic filtering
  • High energy storage pulse

Unique features of the ER-Series capacitor include:

  • Standard economic package – With standard terminals and case construction, CDE created automated assembly to enhance production efficiency.
  • Unique stackable bracket design – Welded metal brackets enable capacitors to be mounted and stacked on the floor or wall vertically or horizontally. Three bracket versions are available.
  • Robust, rugged, and reliable construction – ER-Series capacitors are used in numerous high reliability, mission-critical applications such as renewable energy inverters.
  • Inverter design flexibility – Compact design and mounting options give designs more component layout alternatives.
  • ER-Series Capacitors Product Information and Specifications

    Originally designed to replace electrolytic type capacitors, ER-Series capacitors are now widely used for DC link, AC harmonic filter, and energy storage, and pulse power applications. They provide a unique rectangular can approach utilizing the latest polypropylene film dielectric technologies of self-healing electrodes and use UL 94V-0 thermosetting dry resin encapsulation.

    General Specifications

    Reference standardIEC 1071-1
    Capacitance Tolerance+/- 10
    VoltagesDC rating continuous steady-state condition
    DC pk pulse duty, < 20% reversal
    DC surge 1 minute 1 time per day
    AC RMS sinewave @ 60 Hz
    Test T-T @ 1.5 VDC, 10 seconds
    Test T-C @ 2.0Vpk dc + 1000 V, 10 seconds
    Current / Temp Ratingsripple RMS current @ 55°C ambient
    peak current @ 40°C ambient
    VAVAC RMS x Amps RMS max value
    Inductance20 – 90 nH
    Operating Temperature-40°C to +85°C
    EncapsulationUL 94V-0 thermosetting resin

    Electrical Ratings

    Part #uF+10% -5%VDCcontinuousVpkpulseVACRMS @ 60HzCurrentRMS@ 55°CCurrentpeakInductancenH

    The “X” suffix refers to the mounting bracket location and style. Four options are available:

    “N” – standard brackets mounted on the bottom for the vertical position
    “W” – brackets mounted on the bottom and one side for vertical and horizontal
    “L” – brackets mounted on the bottom and both sides for the horizontal position
    no suffix – No brackets

    Bracket Mounting Options

    A significant innovation is the bracket configuration, with three options that enable the capacitor to be positioned within an enclosure or bulkhead.

    N – bottom mountingW – bottom and side mountingL – bottom side and top mountingNo bracket

    Additionally, these capacitors can be stacked together as part of large energy storage, input/output filter, or pulse power bank. When used as part of a large bank, sufficient airflow between the individual capacitors is essential for effective heat transfer from the packages to the ambient environment, and the ER-Series design takes that into consideration with a gap that allows cooling air to flow between capacitors.

Product Photos

ER-Series N Isometric View

ER-Series Top View

ER-Series Bracket Detail

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Technical Information

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Quick Reference

Capacitance: 10 to 4,100 uF

Voltage (DC): 400 to 6000 VDC

Voltage (AC): 10 to 660 VAC

Current (RMS): 5 to 200 amps

Current (Peak): 5 to 20,000 amp