Long Life, 85/85 THB-Rated AC Filter Capacitors for Harsh Environments

Designed for harsh environments, the ALH series of AC-rated filter capacitors offer 50% greater life than competitive 85/85 THB-rated film capacitors.

Designed for harsh environments, the ALH series of AC-rated filter capacitors offer 50% greater life than competitive 85/85 THB-rated film capacitors. The Temperature, Humidity at Bias (THB) test exposes parts to the harsh conditions of 85 °C at 85% relative humidity with rated voltage applied. Testing has been validated for 1,500 hours while competitors validate their series for 1,000 hours under the same conditions. This demanding test simulates the extremely harsh operating conditions encountered in many commercial and industrial inverter applications that can cause conventional film capacitors to fail early due to moisture penetration. 

The ALH Series is optimized for AC harmonic filtering on the input and output of inverter circuits. With high rms current ratings for handling higher-ordered harmonics.   

• Optimized AC Voltage performance
• THB 85 °C / 85 % RH, 1500h at rated voltage
• Harmonic filtering on the input and output of inverter circuits
• Self-healing and low loss
• Suitable for high-frequency applications
• UL Listed, AEC-Q200 Qualified

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Applications Include:

Solar, EV, and other inverters that are subjected to the harshest natural environmental conditions, Backup, UPS, portable power systems, Motor drives, Traction and other transportation systems, AC-tuned harmonic reduction filters

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