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Q: Defibrillator Capacitors Offer High Energy Density, Multiple Packaging Options

Defibrillator Capacitors Offer High Energy Density, Multiple Packaging Options

Also offers the ability to mold capacitors into a module

Liberty, SC (May 2020) — Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. announces the availability of its Q Series film capacitors for medical defibrillator applications. Designed specifically for today’s quick response defibrillators, the Q Series meets the reliability demands of Class III medical devices. Used extensively in automated external defibrillators (AEDs), the series offers designers the highest in-class energy density and broadest range of packaging options.

Q Series capacitors are designed for use in monophasic and bi-phasic defibrillators with energy densities as high as 2 J/cc. Some designs can deliver in excess of 500 joules when fully charged. Voltage ratings range from 800 Vdc to 6,000 Vdc with capacitance values covering the range from 32 to 500 μF.

Standard packages include oil-filled metal cases or epoxy-filled plastic cases, both available in either round or oval configurations. A multitude of terminations are available ranging from quick-connect blades to insulated wire leads. The company also has the capability of integrating capacitor windings into a custom molded package to achieve the smallest possible profile and highest energy density for the end-device.

Over the past 20 years CDE’s engineers have advanced the metallized film capacitor technology, processing and testing to help its customers achieve the smallest and most reliable designs. With the capability of withstanding 40,000 charge/discharge cycles (depending on part and application), Q Series capacitors are designed for long-term reliable service where it matters the most.

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