R-Series Capacitors

R-Series Capacitors Family
  • CDE’s R-Series is a unique family of capacitor product that exhibits superior performance with high current and high frequency applications.   By utilizing low inductance internal constructions, optional molded resin cases, and customized terminations, R-Series capacitors are designed for fast switching IGBTSs and can serve as snubbers and high current high frequency input filters.

    R-Series capacitors are well suited for many inverter applications including:

    • Snubber capacitors
    • High current DC input filters
    • High frequency DC input filters
    • Low inductance fast reactive clamp capacitors

    Unique features of the R-Series capacitor include:

    • IGBT direct mount option – With high current robust terminals spaced to match IGBT centers, NWL’s   R-Series capacitors can directly mount onto input connections on IGBTs.
    • Low inductance packages – With the R-Series capacitors’ dry resin filled construction, some unique internal laminated low impedance bus bar and terminal construction produce extremely low inductance values.
    • High heat dissipation package – The R-Series capacitors can also utilize a resin mold package, combined with copper terminals to providing the best thermal heat dissipation systems available.
  • R-Series Capacitors Product Information and Specifications

    The R-Series provides a wide range of package styles and specifications.   For applications demanding unique sizes and low inductance while providing high RMS currents, the R-Series product utilizes a variety of film systems to fit many applications. Polypropylene/foil, metalized polypropylene, and polypropylene hybrids are utilized.

    General Specifications

    Capacitance Tolerance +/- 10
    Voltages DC rating continuous steady state condition
    DC pk pulse duty, 0-100 % reversal
    AC RMS voltages from 10 Hz – 500 kHz
    Current / Temp Ratings +55 ºC max ambient temperature
    Operating Temperature ripple RMS current @ 55 ºC ambient
    peak current @ 40 ºC ambient
    Encapsulation UL 94V-0 thermosetting resin