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High Energy WL-Series Capacitors

CDE’s WL-Series are high-energy capacitors used in pulse power and power conditioning applications. With welded metal cases of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, or brass, these robust oil-filled capacitors offer the highest energy stored per unit, typically 3-100 kJ. Large-diameter, low-profile bushings provide minimum inductance for fast discharge and high-frequency response compared to Equivalent CDE WF-series capacitors with upright bushings. For maximum peak power, an available option is a 100 kVDC (under oil) bushing with a coaxial current return ring enabling the capacitor to have less than 40 nH of inductance and deliver up to a 250 kA repetitive peak pulse current. Internal construction is customized for the application and both self-healing and non-self-healing versions are available.

WL-Series capacitors are well suited for high energy storage and discharge in applications including:

  • High-energy Marx generators
  • Pulsed magnetic field generators
  • EM forming and impact welding
  • Electromagnetic launchers and accelerators
  • EMP simulators
  • Pulsed X-ray generators
  • Lightning simulators
  • High-energy physics experiments

Unique features of the WL-Series capacitor include:

  • High voltage low profile terminals – With large diameter plastic insulators, this series of capacitors operate at high voltages while keeping resistance and inductance at a minimum.
  • Large welded metal packages – Utilizing well-established and proven vacuum-pressure impregnation processes, these fabricated and welded cases of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, or brass are able to package capacitors ranging from tens of pounds to more than 500 lbs per unit.
  • Live case connection – For applications requiring minimal inductance, parallel-plate bus work requires low profile high voltage bushings and proximate or coaxial current return connections to the capacitor case. WL-Series offers threaded insert or screw high voltage terminals and either weld nuts or coaxial rings for case connections. A 100 kVdc, 250 kA bushing/terminal with a coaxial current return ring is available. Weld nuts and/or brackets can be provided for mounting/securing.
  • Dead case – For applications requiring an isolated (typically grounded) case and two high voltage terminals at up to +/-50 kV, smaller diameter low profile bushings are available.

WL-Series Capacitors Product Information and Specifications

WL-Series capacitors utilize a welded metal case oil-filled product with the latest technological advancements in polypropylene film dielectric systems.

General Specifications

Capacitance Tolerance+/- 10% standard, +/- 5% optional
VoltagesDC rating continuous steady-state condition
DC peak pulse duty, 0 – 100% reversal
Current / Temp RatingsRipple RMS current @ 40 ºC ambient
Peak current @ 40 ºC ambient
InductanceAs low as 25 nH, depending on model
Operating Temperature-40 to +65 ºC

Electrical Rating Overview

Examples of typical ratings and packages are shown above. Consult NWL for specific requirements and additional existing models.

uFVDCVpkCurrentCurrentInductanceLife(hours)Life(pulses)Dielectric TechnologyCaseSize
+/- 10%ContinuousPulseRMS @ 40¼CPeaknHContinuous VDC20% Voltage ReversalL x W x H
158001,4002,80015075,0004001.3E+037.5E+05Metfilmdead7.00 x 16.00 x 24.00
20004,5005,00020030,0002501.0E+031.0E+06Metfilmlive11.00 x 14.00 x 28.00
5008,40010,00075100,000tba1.0E+054.4E+04Metfilmlive13.25 x 13.25 x 24.00
82611,00012,00050100,000tba2.0E+025.0E+03Metfilmlive13.25 x 18.00 x 27.25
10008,00011,0005050,0001005.0E+012.0E+03Metfilmlive11.50 x 16.00 x 23.00
5516,00017,600502,5002001.0E+051.0E+06Metfilmlive7.00 x 14.00 x 16.00
11.517,00020,000255,0001005.0E+042.5E+04Metfilmlive8.50 x 13.50 x 7.00
25519,00020,0007525,0008001.0E+042.5E+04Metfilmdead11.00 x 13.25 x 29.50
2019,00025,000505,000601.0E+031.0E+05Metfilmlive8.00 x 16.00 x 21.00
7019,00025,00010050,000601.0E+021.0E+04Metfilmlive12.00 x 16.00 x 22.00
10018,00020,000754,0002501.0E+054.0E+06Metfilmdead11.00 x 13.25 x 22.50
10020,00025,000508,000tba1.0E+046.0E+07Metfilmlive11.50 x 14.00 x 17.00
20012,50015,000754,0005001.0E+053.0E+07Metfilmdead11.00 x 14.00 x 29.50
1020,00025,0004550,000tba1.0E+051.0E+06Film / Foildead7.25 x 14.00 x 17.50
525,00030,0004550,000tba1.0E+052.0E+06Film / Foillive9.00 x 14.00 x 24.00
1025,00030,0004550,000tba1.0E+051.0E+06Film / Foildead9.00 x 14.00 x 24.00
4.532,00040,0005050,000401.0E+043.0E+06Film / Foillive8.00 x 14.00 x 22.75
2736,00044,00075100,000501.0E+023.0E+03Metfilmlive11.25 x 16.00 x 25.00
3.1235,00040,0005040,000751.0E+045.0E+05Film / Foildead11.00 x 14.00 x 22.75
250,00060,0005030,000tba1.0E+041.0E+05Film / Foillive11.00 x 15.00 x 24.00
2.250,00060,0005075,000601.0E+035.0E+04Film / Foillive10.50 x 12.00 x 25.00
525,00030,0005050,000501.0E+021.0E+04Film / Foillive10.00 x 14.00 x 18.00
6.2555,00066,0007580,000701.0E+024.4E+04Film / Foillive12.00 x 17.75 x 23.00
280,000100,0005025,000tba2.0E+042.0E+04Film / Foillive11.00 x 15.00 x 24.00
5001,6003,000150100,000605.0E+045.0E+07Film / Foillive11.00 x 14.00 x 24.00
830,00035,0005060,000301.0E+021.0E+04Film / Foillive11.00 x 12.00 x 15.00
12.535,00040,00075180,000402.0E+022.5E+04Film / Foillive11.00 x 14.00 x 27.00
5236,00044,00075150,000702.5E+013.0E+03Metfilmlive13.25 x 16.00 x 31.00
2.280,000100,00050250,000702.0E+022.0E+04Film / Foillive11.00 x 14.00 x 25.00
2.680,000100,00050200,000402.0E+022.0E+04Film / Foillive11.50 x 16.00 x 25.00

WL-Series Low Profile Delrin Terminal WL-Series Coaxial Terminal / Current Return

Photo Gallery

WL-Series – Two Capacitors

WL-Series Capacitor Feed Through

WL-Series Capacitor with Low Profile Terminals

WL-Series Capacitor with Low Profile Terminals

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Technical Information

Metallized Polypropylene Film Energy Storage Capacitors for Low Pulse Duty

Quick Reference

Capacitance: 0.05 to 25,000 uF

Voltage (DC): 5000 to 100,000 Volts

Current (RMS): 1.0 to 100 amps

Current (Peak): up to 250,000 amp