WA-Series Capacitors

WA-Series Capacitors Family
  • WA-Series Capacitors

    CDE’s WA-Series DC voltage capacitors offer superior performance in a high capacitance welded case package. They are ideally suited for the most demanding applications requiring high RMS current ratings while maintaining air cooling heat management system. By utilizing stainless steel, aluminum, painted steel, and brass containers, this product has a robust package with mounting brackets for the capacitor, as well as additional brackets for components required around the capacitor, such as brackets for resistors, chill plates, current transformers, etc.   A variety of terminals can be selected to create a high current low inductance option to accommodate various DC filtering systems.

    CDE’s WA-Series DC air cooled capacitors provide solutions in a wide variety of applications including:

    • DC filtering
    • DC energy storage
    • DC pulse power

    Over 100 electrical configurations are currently available in a welded package, with the following features and options available upon request:

    • Pressure switches
    • Internal discharge resistors
    • Live or dead case construction
    • Single to multiple fine-tuning values per capacitor
    • Choice of bracket style and location
    • Choice of terminal connections

    Unique features of the WA-Series capacitor include:

    • Terminal Options – By designing the capacitor with a variety of terminal layout, WA-Series can achieve maximum RMS ripple currents while maintaining air cooled heat management.
    • Large welded metal package – Utilizing well established and proven high K oil filling process, these welded steel cases of stainless steel, aluminum, brass and steel are able to package capacitors in excess of 500 lbs per unit.
    • Welded package – By taking advantage of an already provided welded metal can, NWL can provide additional brackets for accessory components required near the bulk capacitance value and avoid additional structures in assembly.
  •  WA-Series Capacitors Product Information and Specifications

    General Specifications

    Capacitance Tolerance +/- 10% typical, +/- 5% available
    Power Losses 0.10 – 0.20 watts / inch^2
    Voltages DC continuous, +10% typical surge
    DC repetitive peak
    Test Voltage 2 x rated DC for 60 seconds
    Temperature Ratings +55 ºC max ambient temperature
    Operating Temperature -40 ºC to +85 ºC
    Encapsulation low loss oil impregnant