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T-Series Capacitors - DC Filter, DC Pulse Capacitors

CDE’s T-Series capacitors are DC filter, DC pulse capacitors that offer a customized package approach with a variety of preferred termination options. By utilizing in-house standard dielectric film systems, both metalized polypropylene and polypropylene/foil, CDE can keep the solution economical. NWL can create the ideal mounting features directly on the packages that can position a capacitor into the areas where overall volume is a concern or convenience is preferred. All capacitors need to be electrically connected and for CDE’s T-Series, the termination is out of the capacitor to the customer’s connection point. By utilizing insulated wires, custom bus work, and the end connection required for contacts, T-Series capacitors allow innovation into the design that makes routine assembly fast and effective.

T-Series capacitors are well suited for many power modules and power supply applications including:

  • Magnetizing coils
  • DC input / output filtering
  • High energy storage pulse

Unique features of the T-Series capacitor include:

  • Custom package – Select from an assortment of unique packages or create and customize to exactly fit into desired volumes as well as added features on capacitor housing.
  • Terminal options – With a wide variety of termination options: insulated wires with standard snap terminals, pc board pins, custom laminated bus, threaded terminals, threaded inserts, and any means of bringing the capacitor to required collective contacts.

T-Series Capacitors Product Information and Specifications

T-Series capacitors utilize the latest technological advancements in polypropylene film dielectric systems: including segmentation, sloped metal, hard foil electrodes. Most systems are cast in UL 94V-0 thermosetting dry resin encapsulation.

General Specifications

Reference standardIEC 1071-1
Capacitance Tolerance+/- 10%, +/- 5%, +/-2%
VoltagesDC rating continuous steady-state condition
DC pk pulse duty, 0-100 % reversal
DC surge 1 minute 1 time per day
AC RMS sinewave @ 60-500 kHz
Test T-T @ 1.5 VDC, 10 seconds
Test T-C @ 2.0Vpk dc + 1000 V, 10 seconds
Current / Temp Ratingsripple RMS current @ 55 ºC ambient
peak current @ 40 ºC ambient
VAVAC rms x Amps rms max value
Inductanceas low as 1.5 nH
Operating Temperature-55 ºC to +105 ºC
EncapsulationUL 94V-0 thermosetting resin

Photo Gallery

T-Series capacitors assortment

T-Series high voltage pp case

T-Series compact case

T-Series high current low profile

T-Series tape wrap

T-Series side lead terminals

T-Series long rectangular case

T-Series high voltage axial

T-Series cylindrical pp case

T-Series custom brackets

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Technical Information

Metallized Polypropylene Film Energy Storage Capacitors for Low Pulse Duty

Quick Reference

Capacitance: 0.001 to 5,000 uF

Voltage (DC): 50 to 30,000 VDC

Voltage (AC): 10 to 790 VAC

Current (RMS): 0.01 to 200 amps

Current (Peak): 1 to 10,000 amp