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E-Series Polypropylene DC-link Film Capacitors

CDE’s E-Series polypropylene DC-link film capacitors offer an alternative to small round cans, both film and electrolytic, with high capacitance density in an economical standard dry resin-filled package. The rectangular painted aluminum package with various termination options allows for versatility in design layout.

E-Series capacitors are well suited for many inverter and power supply applications including:

  • DC input / output filtering
  • DC Link
  • AC harmonic filtering
  • High energy storage pulse

Unique features of the E-Series capacitor include:

  • Standard economic package – With standard case construction and end cap covers, CDE created automated assembly to enhance production efficiency.
  • Terminal options – Threaded terminals, threaded inserts, insulated exiting wires, and laminated bus are only a few of the terminal options to select from.
  • Inverter design flexibility – Compact standard rectangle case, and central mounting stud option give designs various component layout alternatives.
  • E-Series Capacitors Product Information and Specifications

    Originally designed as an alternative to electrolytic type capacitors, E-Series capacitors are now widely used for DC link, AC harmonic filter, energy storage, and pulse power applications. They provide a unique rectangular can approach utilizing the latest polypropylene film dielectric technologies of self-healing electrodes and use UL 94V-0 thermosetting dry resin encapsulation.

    Reference StandardIEC 1071-1
    Capacitance Tolerance± 10%
    Voltage Characteristics
    • DC rating continuous steady-state
    • DC peak pulse duty, < 20% reversal
    • AC rms sinewave @60 Hz
    • DC surge 1 minute 1 time/day
    • Test T-T @ 1.5 * VDC, 10 seconds
    • Test T-C@2.0 * VpkDC + 1000V, 10 seconds
    Current/Temp. ratings
    • Ripple RMS current @ 55°C ambient
    • Peak current @ 40°C ambient
    VAVAC RMS * Amps RMS max value
    Inductance20 – 140 nH
    Operating Temperature-40°C to 85°C
    EncapsulationUL 94V-0 thermosetting resin


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Technical Information

E-Series Product Dimensions for Both Terminal Types

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High Crystalline Segmented Polypropylene Capacitors Offer Increased Energy Density

Quick Reference

Capacitance: 0 to 1,000 uF

Voltage (DC): 200 to 6000 VDC

Voltage (AC): 10 to 790 VAC

Current (RMS): 5 to 200 amps

Current (Peak): 5 to 30,000 amp

Photo Gallery

E-Series Capacitor with Female Terminals
E-Series Capacitor with HV Barrier
E-Series Capacitor with Long Case
Assorted E-Series Capacitors
Assorted E-Series Capacitors
E-Series Capacitor with Mounting Stud