E-Series Capacitors

E-Series Capacitors
  • E-Series Capacitors

    CDE’s E-Series polypropylene DC link film capacitors offer an alternative to small round cans, both film and electrolytic, with high capacitance density in an economical standard dry resin filled package. The rectangular painted aluminum package with various termination options allows for versatility in design layout.

    E-Series capacitors are well suited for many inverter and power supply applications including:

    • DC input / output filtering
    • DC Link
    • AC harmonic filtering
    • High energy storage pulse

    Unique features of the E-Series capacitor include:

    • Standard economic package – With a standard case construction and end cap covers, NWL created automated assembly to enhance production efficiency.
    • Terminal options – Threaded terminals, threaded inserts, insulated exiting wires, and laminated bus are only a few of the terminal options to select from.
    • Inverter design flexibility – Compact standard rectangle case, and central mounting stud option give designs various component layout alternatives.
  • E-Series Capacitors Product Information and Specifications

    Originally designed as an alternative to electrolytic type capacitors, E-Series capacitors are now widely used for DC link, AC harmonic filter, energy storage, and pulse power applications. They provide a unique rectangular can approach utilizing the latest polypropylene film dielectric technologies of self healing electrodes and use UL 94V-0 thermosetting dry resin encapsulation.

    Reference Standard IEC 1071-1
    Capacitance Tolerance ± 10%
    Voltage Characteristics
    • DC rating continuous steady state
    • DC peak pulse duty, < 20% reversal
    • AC rms sinewave @60 Hz
    • DC surge 1 minute 1 time/day
    • Test T-T @ 1.5 * VDC, 10 seconds
    • Test T-C@2.0 * VpkDC + 1000V, 10 seconds
    Current/Temp. ratings
    • Ripple RMS current @ 55°C ambient
    • Peak current @ 40°C ambient
    VA VAC RMS * Amps RMS max value
    Inductance 20 – 140 nH
    Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C
    Encapsulation UL 94V-0 thermosetting resin