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Product Discontinuation & Change Notices

03/05/24Discontinuation125 Parts List
02/05/24DiscontinuationPPC Parts List
02/22/23DiscontinuationAVE Parts List
01/01/23DiscontinuationNR300/NR301 Parts List


DiscontinuationNWL WBR Parts List
07/25/22DiscontinuationAXLH Parts List
07/25/22DiscontinuationAEB Parts List
06/28/22DiscontinuationHHT Parts List
05/31/22DiscontinuationAFK-KIT2, AVS-F-KIT2
05/11/22Discontinuation139R, 3191, and CGO Parts List
05/06/22DiscontinuationSnap-Ins, 22mm Diameter Parts List
04/12/22DiscontinuationCertain parts for 383LL Parts List
09/13/21DiscontinuationQ/QRLPart# 104M48QH39 and 104M66QV39 only
05/04/21DiscontinuationCertain parts for 380LX, 380LQ, 381LR, 381LQ, 381LX, SLP, SPLX Parts List
09/25/20DiscontinuationType MPF
07/01/20ChangeMPH, MPW, MWR, MWS, PHB, PHC, PMB, PMC, PPA, PPB, PPR, PPS, PSB Parts List
06/04/20DiscontinuationMAB Parts List
01/21/20DiscontinuationTantalum Parts List
MLCC Parts List
12/09/19Change7P, SP Parts List
11/11/19ChangeCDE Dipped Mica
10/14/19ChangeSnap-Ins Parts List
10/04/19DiscontinuationMCH/MCHN Parts List
05/01/18DiscontinuationESR, ESRD, ESRE, ESRH, SPA Parts List
03/01/18DiscontinuationNR361/NR366 Parts List
03/01/18Discontinuation350/HR350/351/351A Parts List
02/28/18ChangeSH, SN, SS, SXR
02/12/18ChangeQ/QRL Epoxy Change
07/17/17DiscontinuationSolid Tantalum Types T491, TDL, TIM, TXA
07/17/17DiscontinuationMultilayer Ceramic Series: P10-P40, C402-C1210, CK12-CK16 and M39014
05/20/16DiscontinuationP/N – 32192-2 – Ground Clip
03/01/16DiscontinuationCapacitor Kits
01/04/16DiscontinuationDip Radial, Molded Axial Tantalum and Radial Lead Aluminum Electrolytic Kits
07/10/15DiscontinuationLPW PARTS LIST
03/16/15Discontinuation945U Parts List
12/15/14DiscontinuationSPCX, SPSX PARTS LIST
11/30/14DiscontinuationSPA Parts List
10/23/14DiscontinuationSome SKR-SNR-SEKR-SSR Parts Parts List
9/05/14DiscontinuationSome AHA, AVS Parts Parts List
8/14/14DiscontinuationDSF Series Parts List
07/25/14DiscontinuationSolid Tantalum Parts List
04/23/14DiscontinuationAxial Leaded Aluminum Parts List
02/26/14DiscontinuationAVGA Parts List
01/27/14DiscontinuationCDLC,CDLH Parts List
12/06/13Discontinuation381EL Series Parts List
12/04/13DiscontinuationMPX Series
11/15/13Discontinuation150 Series PARTS LIST
10/29/13DiscontinuationType AVEK PARTS LIST
06/06/13DiscontinuationAVS 3mm Case Size PARTS LIST
04/11/13DiscontinuationType 30434 and 31762 Brackets 30434 Parts 31762 Parts
02/22/13DiscontinuationEDLHW Electric Double Layer Capacitor
01/09/13DiscontinuationType ESRL
11/12/12DiscontinuationType EDLEN
11/22/11DiscontinuationTH13, TH21 and TH23
09/06/11DiscontinuationFCN PARTS LIST
08/22/11DiscontinuationControls and Switches
12/14/10Discontinuation170 Series
12/06/10DiscontinuationType AVRF
10/26/10DiscontinuationType SKA Miniature Axial Leaded Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors


06/23/10DiscontinuationSolid Polymer Line, SPA Series
05/21/10DiscontinuationTC Series (A) Suffix
04/28/10DiscontinuationUCC's Tubular Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
04/01/10DiscontinuationDisc Ceramic Line
09/30/09DiscontinuationFCP Film Chips
02/13/09DiscontinuationPVC Film Series
01/09/09Discontinuation361R Series, 22mm Diameter
12/03/08DiscontinuationMEXY Film Series
05/02/08DiscontinuationDisc Ceramic Product Line
10/10/07DiscontinuationM60 Series
08/27/07DiscontinuationType ESR - Solid Polymer Product Line
05/11/07DiscontinuationType TH19
12/14/06DiscontinuationFixed Terminals Mica Capacitor Type: A, AK, H, & HK
11/20/06DiscontinuationType MPF - CDE/Mallory Dual Capacitance Rating, Motor Run Capacitors
11/03/06DiscontinuationAxial leaded Aluminum Electrolytic types UHA, UHB, UFT, and UFTA
10/17/06DiscontinuationAxial Leaded Aluminum Electrolytic Types 557 & Mil 39018/01
10/13/06DiscontinuationDisc Ceramic PARTS LIST
03/24/06ChangeVR6, VR8, & VR10 Brackets
02/01/06DiscontinuationTypes 300 & 301 .750 diameter, Stand-Off Headers Only
02/01/06DiscontinuationVPR .750 diameter
12/09/05ChangeVR12 Bracket
08/04/05ChangeDC Film Capacitors
05/15/05DiscontinuationType PD Dry
03/11/05DiscontinuationSnapmount 20mm diameter type 380LX and 381LX
01/10/05Discontinuation & ChangeFan Product Line
05/07/04Discontinuation & ChangeSPV Product Line